Aggregates Gloucestershire

For all of your landscaping requirements, SWB provides a comprehensive selection of aggregate supplies that are both adaptable and long-lasting. No matter what you need, we have the aggregates for the job. Whether you are laying it down for car parks, walkways, patios, or gardens, aggregates are great for any kind of landscaping project.

Reinvigorate your exterior space with our selection of pebbles, chippings, flint, gravel, and much more. They are available in a range of bulk options, supplying your perfect aggregate, portioned according to your needs.



Aggregates Improve Drainage

Gravel, pebbles, and other aggregates are a great way to allow water to drain through to the ground. Where other forms of landscaping, such as concrete or paving, accrue puddles, water will pass through the particulates and straight into the ground to be absorbed. This is a brilliant way to future proof your properly against flooding and the subsequent water damage that could occur.

Decorative Aggregates

Aggregates can create a wonderful aesthetic and textural feel that compliments any home. Create a beautiful frame for your flower beds that also keeps pests away. Start your own zen garden. Lay out a footpath that guides visitors through your beautifully appointed garden. The choices are endless and entirely yours.

Versatile and Durable

The use of aggregates is highly recommended for a wide range of landscaping applications. Our aggregates are up to the challenge of any project you have in mind. Whether you are laying a footpath, constructing a barrier between pests and your flower bed, or designing a low-maintenance car park. Moreover, they are also incredibly durable. Aggregates are largely unaffected by rain or any other weather condition, and don’t buckle under pressure or weight.

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